Massage Appointment Policies

Late-appointment and Cancellation Policy for Massage Therapy

We ask that you plan your appointments at times that you can reasonably expect to keep them, but we understand that sometimes you need to cancel or reschedule your appointments and there are emergencies. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please provide us at least 24-hours of notice of your intent to change your appointment.  We do not double-book appointments, and when an appointment is broken, we are not able to fill the empty spot unless 24-hours notice is given. Time and space is limited and in order to be fair to all our patients and our massage therapist, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible.

Fees for missed appointments:

There is a full visit fee for missed appointments without a 24-hour notice. It is your responsibility to remember your appointments, but we will call a day prior to confirm your appointment. 48-hour advance cancellation is preferred, but 24-hours is required.  

Please arrive five to ten minutes before your appointment so you can relax and prepare for your massage. Optimal Chiro-Rehab Center in turn will do its best to minimize waiting time. We do not double book appointments. Those who are late will have a shorter session so the next patients will not have to wait. 

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