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Office Policy COVID-19

Updated Patient Appointment Process

OCRC has temporarily updated our patient appointment process. This change is for the safety of our patients and employees, and to further assist with our social distancing efforts. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Our Front Office Staff will ask for your help answering a screening questionnaire of COVID-19 symptoms and travel history when we call to confirm your appointment. We might have to reschedule your appointment if you answer "Yes" to these screening questions. We will also spend a few minutes on the phone to review with you how your appointment will go as below.

When you arrive for your appointment, please remain in your car and inform our office of your arrival via call or text. Please provide us with your car description. Our screening staff will greet you, update the above questionnaire of COVID-19 symptoms and travel history, provide you with a Covid-19 waiver & HIPPA form to fill out, and do a temperature screening at your car. As soon as we are ready for your treatment, our screening staff will route you into our office. Upon entering, you can head straight to the treatment room.

Office Modifications & Additional Machineries to Enhance Safety

We will be adding office modifications and additional machineries to help enhance safety for our patients and employees. We hope you appreciate the changes rather than being intimidated by them.

- Sneeze Guards at Front Desks

- Air purification machines (Germ Guard)

- Ultraviolet Light

Hours of Operation

Both of our office locations might have altered hours of operations to ensure we maintain social distancing for both patients and Doctors and staff.

Temporary Schedule Changes

To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, OCRC will reduce the number  of patients  onsite at any given points when we first open.

Social Distancing

OCRC is following CDC recommendations to minimize risk to our patients and our employees. We respectfully ask our patients to use social distancing guidelines while being taken care of at our offices.

Changes and Requirements Instituted for Our Employees to Ensure Safety

All employees adhere to the same questionnaire of COVID-19 symptoms and travel history, and will be requested to stay home if answering yes to these questions.

All employees will have temperature measured and COVID-19 symptoms screening at the beginning of our work day and will be sent home if positive for any of these symptoms.

All employees are required to wear appropriate PPE as applicable for the department they work in and to adhere to hand washing/sanitizing requirements.

All employees are required to practice social distancing at work.

We will remove all materials and particles from our reception areas including magazines, pens, sign-in sheets, pamphlets, brochures, etc. that could potentially be transfer agents.

Our employees will adhere to a strict schedule of thorough cleanings of all office's surfaces.


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